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All Hallow's Evening ↠ All Hallowed Evening ↠ All Halloweven ↠ Halloweven ↠ Hallowe'en ↠ Halloween


Candlelight Frights is a small business currently incorporating providing a Vintage Handmade Halloween Experience, that is to say, real Halloween—Halloween as your ancestors would have experienced it 50-150 years ago in the heyday of Halloween Parties from the ~1830s-1970s.  


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Azriel named the company Candelight Frights in homage to the Halloween Party invitation tradition described here in the Add-on Traditions.   

The creative vision of el maestro, Azriel Anthony, began with a lifelong love of Halloween since childhood that continued into adulthood.  Azriel loved Halloween from boyhood and reveled in decorating for Halloween or imagining his next boyhood Halloween Party each year, likely owing to his paternal Welsh, Scottish, and Irish ancestry or an epigenetically infectious passion.   

During the pandemic, he read several books recording Halloween traditions and customs of yesteryear and took notes as a vision for a themed party reviving these traditions was hatched, originally envisioned as a small party for loved ones. Quickly, it became clear this was a major undertaking and a more involved vision emerged.  He invested a little over six hundred hours so far bringing you this experience, bettered by friends, loved ones, and past years' cast, readers, mediums, and crew at every step of the way.   

Our seminal event on Tuesday, October 31, 2022, at the Void was both a success and a disaster and from the many lessons we took from it, we've prepared more thoroughly in advance this year to proactively ensure our guests enjoy the experience we helped them imagine when they first found us during our first run if they join us the second time around. 

We hope you feel lucky to take part in a unique experience in resurrecting these customs and history and that you'll work to restore a little magic at this time of year in your own celebrations after celebrating Hallow's Eve with us.