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Candlelight Frights is a small business that provides an authentic, vintage Halloween experience. It’s the Halloween your ancestors would have experienced 50–150 years ago, with handmade costumes and age-old traditions brought back to life. The company’s name is a homage to the Halloween Party invitation tradition described here.

The creative vision of el maestro, Azriel Anthony, began with a lifelong love of Halloween. As a kid, he reveled in decorating for Halloween or imagining his next Halloween Party, something he attributes (at least, in part) to his Welsh, Scottish, and Irish ancestry and the Halloween parties his mom threw for him as a child. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he read several books about Halloween traditions and customs of yesteryear. He envisioned throwing a themed party for his loved ones reviving these traditions. It didn’t take long for him to realize this idea had far more potential.

So far, he has invested over 600 hours in bringing Candlelight Frights and the Folk Halloween Experience to life. He’s proud to call it a team effort, with support from friends, loved ones, cast members, readers, mediums, community partners, and crew members who have made this possible.


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