The Costumes



Well, clothed in a mask/costume, at least. Any costume or mask is required, but we encourage you to create your own instead of purchasing one. Our ancestors couldn’t go to a store or order their costumes online! We’d love for you to be a part of this folk tradition by crafting your very own costume to wear to your folk Halloween experience, and we've made it easy for you with a free workshop or put together easy resources for you to make your own at home.  

Handmade costumes and masks are also required to enter the costume contest only but NOT for the experience. We've got a FREE mask and costume workshop to help bring out the creator in you!  Relax, we've got you covered, or you can find DIY resources on this page below.

Show Off Your Creative Dark Side
Create your own unique costume for a chance to compete against other like-minded ghouls for Candlelight Frights' 2024 Halloween Costume Creation Contest!

Back from the Grave, 

Handmade Costumes
Utilize everything at your disposal by combining found materialsinvolving paper, natural, synthetic, or fabric materials and moreto create the perfect Halloween costume that would make your ancestors or the ancients proud.

Costume Contest Information
Click here to find Costume Contest information and rules for the 2024 season and prize information.

Need inspiration?
We are taking Halloween costume creation back to its rootsall in handcrafted design. Check out the slideshow above and dig up some inspiration by burrowing into the history of costume creation.


Where: Casper Recreation Center (1801 E 4th St) When: Sat. Sept. 21, 2024, 1-5 PM (plan 2 hours: 1-3, 2-4, 3-5)

What: Papier-mâché mask making and/or costume design help from a gifted costumer and seamstress; the suggested donation is $5 to pay for wire armature for your mask (but don't let that keep you from coming, it's truly FREE; we want to remove barriers to your creation)

How:  Register in advance here (link forthcoming), and maybe find some images online for an inspiration or sketch an idea for your costume and mask in advance and bring them with you; thrifting/upcycling and scavenging your environment for your coverings through found materials is the prestige tradition.

DIY Mask Creation Resources

Costumes are required for the experience, but you may purchase a mask or costume (you'll have to at least buy a mask at the door as it is a masquerade experience).  However, you must create a costume to participate in the contest (components or parts of it of course may be purchased).  

We highly encourage all participants to create their own costumes as we're trying to restore this and other long forgotten folk arts and customs related to this Hallows Eve. We understand, however, that life gets in the way sometimes. Don't sweat it...

Luckily for you, we have assembled a list of DIY resources that will help you put together your own mask and costume at home in case you are unable to attend the free paper mache mask and costume workshop.  

Please Note: 

Only attendees who have created their own costumes/masks will be allowed to participate in the Creative Costume Contest

 DIY Resources Here🎃 CLICK HERE 🎃   ◄ DIY Resources here

to find out how you can create your own customized mask and/or costume at home.  YouTube videos represent a wealth of information on costuming and making your own mask or costume as well.