We wanted to first apologize that we were unable to conduct contest voting in person at the venue.  We'd planned to take pictures of participants via our phones and then upload them to the PollUnit contest we created for it.  But as the Izaak Walton Clubhouse is on the grounds of the Fort Caspar Campground, their Wifi becomes unusable in the evening.  We requested access repeatedly for their private Wifi access point (no response).  We even contacted Mountain West (their provider) who told us that the issue is someone resets their equipment/router but it's recently been reset and should be working and there were no problems.  Clearly, that's incorrect.  

Likewise, AT&T customers on the west side of town report their 5G data network has seriously degraded since AT&T closed the corporate store on the west side of town (it's now a reseller).  So, between our inability to upload the pictures we took (we can't even use Eventbrite to check people in because the Wifi and 5G data access is so bad there), AND the likelihood that our guests couldn't bring up these links to vote due to the same poor Wifi and poor 5G service for AT&T customers, we had to change the best laid plans of mice and men (and women and all those creatures in between).  

Thus we were left with no choice but deciding we'd have to do contest voting the day following the event, and award contest winners via email.   Thus, this is the protocol we've had to adopt due to these technical issues:

Once again, if you see that you've won one of the three following contests the day following the day after your experience, please email us to alert us at, and we will be sure to deliver your award, congratulations, and prizes and feature you as the contest winners here.

Azriel extends his personal apologies it's taken longer than planned to get contest information concluded.  Due to the probably 80-100 hours of human labor required in tear down and returning to day job to have to deal with issues at work, it's taken us a little time to get Halloween up.

Voting has concluded for all nights with contestants and the Grand Finale contest between all the nights winners.  

Winners have until Sat 11/18/23 to notify us they've won (via email) in order to collect their prize(s).

 FRI 10/27/23


 Sat 10/28/23


 Tues 10/31/23


WINNERS (announced) Fri 10/27, Sat 10/28, & Tues 10/31 & Grand Finale |  (<-click here)

Email us at by Sat, 11/18/23 to collect your prize(s).