Path of Mystery

The Path of Mystery Veiled in Secret

Sometime during the last week of September or first week of October one evening you'll answer a knock on your door or doorbell to find a burning candle in an amber-colored jar on your doorstep. Underneath it, you'll find your invitation and escape-room style clues you'll need to decipher or decode to find your secret summoning location.

Please note that we will do our very best to deliver your invitation after dark on a night you've indicated you'll be home, but if we miss you, we don't have the human resources to attempt redelivery and will leave it on your doorstep if you're not home.

If you've selected this path and haven't received your invite by Sunday October 9, 2022, please email us as it may have been misdelivered!

You'll have until the evening of the event to decipher the clues included in your invitation to find your secret summoning location where you'll arrive no later than 6:30 PM on Hallow's Eve (Mon 10/31/22 at 6:30 PM). If you have trouble deciphering the clues to unravel this mystery, you'll want to email us for help. The idea behind the Path of Mystery Veiled in Secret is to acquaint you with local history and for you to have some fun with a partner and loved ones you bring with you as this is an interactive experience mimicking Hallow's Eve traditions we long ago forgot.

You can use the internet, social media, community experts like reference librarians and teachers, friends, loved ones, and any resource of which you can think (e.g., the Facebook Group "If you grew up in Casper, WY you remember..." is fair game). One person testing the clues said they visited a nursing home to ask elders for help deciphering their clues. Be resourceful. Have fun. Beware! Know other participants have different clues that differ from your own, so be weary about trying to decipher clues with loved ones you've talked into attending with you! Once you're sure you've got the right location, please do not share it with anyone in any manner.

It was not uncommon in the heyday of Hallow's Eve parties (1860s-1960s) for your gracious host to give you clues you'd need to decipher to attend their party, and for you to be invited with a candle burning on your doorstep without knowing which of your friends or acquaintances was even inviting you, or where the party was, or to be unable to attend it without successfully decoding those clues, which is why our mysterious maestro and host whose creative vision you'll be participating in is keeping both the venue of the event and their identity veiled in secret (with any luck, at best you'll only ever learn their pseudonym stage name).

We'll know you're a genuine devotee by your adherence to costume rules and your silence, and possession of your invitation. You'll follow your guide on the Walk of Souls to the haunted hall silently as they instruct you about some of our lost traditions and superstitions as you approach the hallowed halls where we will together experience a Haunted Historical All Hallows Eve.

Email us if you're stumped at any step here for help.