Step Two:

Costume Creation

Creative Costumes Strongly Encouraged

From time immemorial, one couldn't go to Spirit Halloween, online, or to a store to purchase a Halloween costume.

People made their own Halloween costumes. With mass produced costumes, this kind of folk art became a lost art. Candlelight Frights aims to resurrect these traditions. Thus, we strongly encourage participants to create their own masks and costumes (and have workshops included in your ticket price for that, less the cost of costume or premium papier-mâché materials, see workshop info below). For most of us, that'll include making papier-mâché masks. Information about our scheduled workshops appears below.

It's a masquerade EXPERIENCE, so you've got to have a mask (strongly preferred) or painted face that makes it hard to identify you. Part of the magic of this experience is NEVER KNOWING WHO ELSE ATTENDED WITH YOU, hence all the secrecy.

All Costumes Welcome

Of course we realize lots of people don't have the passion, time, or skills for creating costumes shared by all costumers and cosplayers, and that's why we've planned workshops to help anyone imagine/envision, gather costume materials, and make their costumes (see workshop info below). But we aren't able-ist and are inclusive so, yes, please purchase a ticket to attend/register:

  • even if you don't make but instead purchase your mask/costume (you can even buy a mask at the door [remember you've got to keep your face covered for the party as part of its magic) or

  • even if you make yours at home (you don't have to attend the workshops which are optional).

To participate in the *CONTEST*, however, your costume must be created by you.

The Creative *Costume Contest* Rules

You can still attend and participate in the festivities if you purchased your own costume (or buy a mask for a donation at the door of the Haunted Hall), but you may only be entered in the contest if you MADE your own CREATIVE costume following these rules:

  1. You must make and wear a mask at all times (preferred) OR your face must be painted (allowed).

  2. Due to varying skills with sewing and seams and hems, you may re-purpose clothing for your costume from second-hand / thrift stores OR you can make your costume too.

  3. You may not purchase a mask OR your clothing/costume (you can't just go online and buy a costume).

  4. You may purchase elements or components or accessories for your costume, but it should mostly be the creation of your own hands.

If you have questions or are unsure if your idea conforms to the contest rules, please don't hesitate to contact us to check! You don't have to attend the associated costume-making workshops to attend the main Haunted Historical Hallows Eve event (date and your summons location to be revealed by candlelit invite after dark in late September or early October).

Costume Contest Categories

Attendees will stop by the entrance to cast their votes for the following categories throughout the night (pictures will be taken and printed as guests arrive at the entrance, so you know who you're voting for):

  • Best Costume | $200 GRAND PRIZE & $50 Gift Card

  • Most Original / Creative / Novel / Clever / Funniest Costume | $50 Gift Card

  • Scariest Costume | $50 Gift Card

Imagining Your Costume (Inspiration)

Please use the following images from historical Halloweens from time immemorial below to sketch, imagine, or visualize your ideas.

Workshop Information

Workshops are NOT required to attend the party. But it may be fun to make your costume with a group of friends or to make new friends while you make your costume. Information appears below!

Workshop #1: Imagining Your Costume

We'll meet up at Backwards at 5:30 PM for a cocktail beforehand if you're able and want to join us

At this workshop, you'll look at the images on this website (or find other inspiration of your own) and get help and feedback if needed in order to sketch your costume so you can get an idea for what you need to get together in order to make it.

Date/time: Sun 10/2/22 6-8 PM

Location: The VOID 128 E. 2nd St

You provide:

any ideas you have from looking at the images above for your costume

We'll provide:

  1. drawing paper / pencils

  2. printed photos of the images above and scissors and X-Acto knives for those who'd prefer to collage over sketch

Workshop #2: Gathering Materials

At this workshop, attendees will go thrifting to find materials they can use to upcycle to make their costumes. We plan on going to Goodwill, Rescued Treasures, and Michael's to get most of what we need to make our costumes for the third workshop.

Date/time: Sun 10/9/22 5 PM - ?

Sorry we have to start this one early but places close by 7 PM

Location: We'll meet at Goodwill at 5 PM, go to Rescued Treasures after, and finish the night at Michael's by 7 PM

You provide:

Money for:

  1. any upcycled/thrift or accessory items for your costume (or sheets / blankets / oversized articles of clothing) to repurpose from which to sew your costume

  2. buy papier-mâché wire mesh, clay, or other items like fur or feathers or gems or hot glue at Michael's if you've got an involved concept for your mask, check out the links/videos below).

We'll provide:

Ideas, feedback, and encouragement!

We're providing:

  1. newspaper,

  2. papier-mâché material and tools, and

  3. elastic and staples for the mask

  4. acrylic paints and paintbrushes

If you want wire mesh or clay or other materials, that's on you like your costume materials.

Workshop #3-4: Makers Space

Making Your Mask & Costume

We'll meet up at Backwards at 5:30 PM for a cocktail beforehand if you're able and want to join us

At this workshop, we'll get together and make our masks and/or costumes. We'll have fun making our costumes together to mood music.

Typically, you want to let a complete papier-mâché layer dry overnight, but with fast mâché materials being provided, it tends to dry faster and you can start layering a second layer where you started the first and get two layers done.

If you're handy with a sewing machine or serger, have one you can bring, or have experience with papier-mâché, please do not hesitate to email us to offer your help as a volunteer!


Sun 10/16/22 6-9 PM

Sun 10/23/22 6-9 PM

We provide:

  1. Vaseline (to form masks on your face, if you'd rather use wire mesh armature, you need to purchase)

  2. Newspaper,

  3. Fast papier-mâché medium,

  4. Papier-mâché tools and sandpaper

  5. Elastic & staples to attach to finished masks,

  6. Acrylic paints, paintbrushes, glue, cold hot glue gun (you buy the glue)

  7. Tunes, encouragement, and assistance/advice

You provide

(purchase in advance):

  1. Clean-shaven face for mask forming to your face

  2. Wire mesh armature if desired

  3. Papier-mâché clay if desired

  4. Any accessories for your mask

  5. Cool hot glue if affixing anything to your mask

  6. Your costume cloth/materials for sewing or assembly.

  7. Sewing machine and thread if you're making your own costume

DIY Mask Creation Resources

We get it. Some of us aren't as excessively social as others, and also many of us lead busy lives. If you'd like to get a jump start on making your own costume and/or mask and forgo the social experience of making your costume with others at workshops, you're welcome any way you come (yes, even if you buy a costume/mask, we even have some purchased masks you may purchase at the door).

We've put together some resources you could appreciate here.

Click here to check out an easy papier-mâché mask.

Click here for another way to construct a papier-mâché mask.

Youtube: How to make a papier-mâché mask

We've assembled some of the better Youtube tutorials below.

You'll have to figure out your own costume, however, if DIYing unless Ellen wants to throw some videos up here.