Step One:

Choose Path & Buy Ticket


  1. First, you need to determine whether you elect the time-honored tradition of deciphering clues to get a secret summoning location from which we'll walk by candlelight in growing darkness to the secret haunted hall where our revelries will take place via the Path of Mystery (must purchase before Oct 16). If you'd rather just arrive to the venue on your own, the Path of Clarity.

  2. Then you must purchase a single ticket at a time using the following form below. You must complete the form for each and every single ticket you are purchasing.

  3. After you've bought your tickets, browse the dropdown menu for information relating to the event and how to prepare.


Do you want to complete escape-room-type clues to reveal a secret summoning location and arrive by 6:30 PM?

From your secret summoning place, you'll walk in silence by candlelight on the Walk of Souls (as you learn about Hallow's eve superstitions and 'souling') to the haunted halls.

Do you want to just start at the haunted halls directly and bypass decoding historical clues about macabre Casper, arriving directly at the venue at 7 PM instead?

As of 10/26/22, we've announced the haunted halls as the Void, 128 E 2nd St, Casper, WY 82601

Please complete this form for each and every individual ticket. You may refresh this page and reload the form and should see a link to submit another response after you purchase your single ticket per form.